Custom Business

A custom business website is ideal for companies who do not wish to compromise on functionality and also want to get a unique design created just for them, instead of using a ready-made design theme.

The reason custom business websites give you exactly the functionality you need is because they are built based on your exact requirements.

While creating your custom business website, we will go through the following phases:


The analysis phase is where we discuss with you to gather all your requirements. We also discuss the targets you want to achieve down the line and how to integrate a web strategy into your company’s overall strategy.

Visual Prototyping

Once the requirements are clear, we then proceed to create an interactive visual prototype. This is a wireframe of your website that shows exactly where things will be. We make all the necessary adjustments to the visual prototype until the client is totally happy with what the website will be, how it will function and what interaction it will have with the visitors.


On this phase we create a unique, custom design for the client that follows the concept of the visual prototype. Again, we make any necessary number of adjustments until the client is completely happy with the design.


This is where the front-end developers and back-end developers get involved. Our team of highly skilled web developers will take the analysis, the technical specification document that we create and the designs and transform them into a working website, ready to accept content. All our custom business websites are dynamic, meaning you can update the content yourself, at any time you like, by using our simple but powerful custom Web Content Management System.

Content Entry

This is the most important phase of the website development process. This involves organizing your content or generating new content to go on your website. Using the Web CMS system, the client or Website Bakers enter the content on the website.


The final phase is testing of the website before it opens for public viewing. We make sure that things work as they should so we give the visitors a flawless experience when visiting our client’s website.

If you are interested to discuss your own requirements for a professional, custom business website for your business, please contact us.

WB CMS Features

Built-in Themes

Instantly change the look and feel, colors, fonts, links, button styles of your website. New themes added. Ability for custom themes.

Built-in Page Types

Articles, Blog, Services, FAQs, News and many others.

Built-in Blocks

28 Block Categories with over 100 interactive built-in blocks. Video, Banners, Buttons, Call to Action, Charts, Images, Lists, Maps, Statistics, Tabs and many others.

Multiple Home Pages

Maintain a number of different home pages and instantly publish the one you need.

Drag & Drop

Easily built professional pages using drag & drop.

Dynamic Main Menu Structure

Re-organize your main menu at any time by drag & drop.

Dynamic Header and Footer Menu

Create, show or hide the header and footer of the website using powerful tools.


Page Slider Tool, Photo Galleries, Video Galleries, Dynamic Image re-dimension and cropping.


Activate up to six different languages. Any six. Choose which one will be the default and change it at any time.

3rd Party Integration

Plugins for integration with third parties.

Built-in Effects and Animations

Image loading and animation effects, page loading effects, button effects, etc.


Built-in powerful SEO module.

Marketing Tools

Announcement Bars, Landing Pages, Interactive Light-boxes, Intro Pages.

Website Tools

Advanced Search, Dynamic Form Builder, Dynamic Tables Builder, Breadcrumb.

Archive Module

Archive your content for future retrieval instead of deleting it.

Enquiries Module

Dynamically manage your enquiries and notify the sender and yourself each time an enquiry comes in.

Built-in Website Analytics

Know your best performing pages, what people click most and make informed business and marketing decisions based on actual usage.

Fully Parameterized

Parameterize everything and get full control on how you manage your website and what you show to your visitors.