This is our first clue about the new system and we are sharing with you some of the key differences of the CMS:

  1. You can have multiple homepages setup and instantly switch between them with one click.
  2. You can drag and drop to move any menu/submenu to a different position. Just refresh and see the change. No need to save.
  3. We have over 100 ready-made blocks to help you create your website the way you imagined it. Just drop the block and start writing. 
  4. Built-in Themes: Instantly change the look and feel, colors, fonts, links, button styles of your website. New themes added. Ability for custom themes.
  5. Dynamic Main Menu Structure: Re-organize your main menu at any time by drag & drop
  6. Dynamic Header and Footer Menu: Create, show or hide the header and footer of the website using powerful tools
  7. Multimedia: Page Slider Tool, Photo Galleries, Video Galleries, Dynamic Image re-dimension and cropping.
  8. Multi-language: Activate up to six different languages. Any six. Choose which one will be the default and change it at any time
  9. 3rd Party Integrations: Plugins for integration with third parties.
  10. Built-in Effects and Animations: Image loading and animation effects, page loading effects, button effects, etc
  11. SEO: Built-in powerful SEO  module
  12. Marketing Tools: Announcement Bars, Landing Pages, Interactive Lightboxes, Intro Pages
  13. Website Tools: Advanced Search, Dynamic Form Builder, Dynamic Tables Builder, Breadcrumb
  14. Archive Module: Archive your content for future retrieval instead of deleting it
  15. Built-in Website Analytics: Know your best performing pages, what people click most and make informed business and marketing decisions based on actual usage
  16. And a lot more to offer...