Web Content Management System

The One Web Content Management System to manage your website

What is a Web CMS?

A Web CMS is a system that allows you to update the content of your website without the need for any programming. At the same time, the proper CMS reduces the formatting needed to be done on the text and images to the minimum.

Having a modular CMS that empowers your website brings with it a number of benefits:

  • Allows us to enter your content and do your updates much faster, thus saving time which translates to money savings to you.
  • Allows us to evolve your website to be in line with the current state of your business, by adding extra functionality or modules to it and without discarding what has already been done. This again translates to money savings to you.
  • Allows you to undertake the updating of your site should you decide to do so, without the need to use any programming.

WB CMS in Detail

CMSlikethis is Primecom’s Web CMS. Using CMSlikethis you can easily update your website without having to do any programming or deal with the layout of the pages. CMSlikethis is template-based. This means that each page in the Web CMS has fields to fill in that match your requirements. You simply fill in a form and the layout is taken care of by the system automatically. In addition, the various elements of your website are interlinked and resuable in CMSlikethis. For example you may create a photo gallery and reuse this photo gallery in many different pages, without having to re-create it each time. Read below for more information about the Features of CMSlikethis.


The most notable features of WB CMS are shown below:

User Management

Assign one or more users to manage the website. Choose which sections of the website each user can manage. Choose the access level of each user, i.e. View only, Edit, Add New.

Template-based Architecture

Each template is custom-built for your exact needs. All custom templates are connected to the core of the CMSlikethis platform.

Simplicity of use

You can start using it without the need of any training. For using its advanced features you only need a 5 minute training. It is developed specifically for use by the everyday computer user.

Image Manipulation Tools

Built-in image manipulation so that your photos always look great. Use straight-forward tools to crop your images and use only the part that you are interested in. Dynamically applied image optimization algorithms ensure that your images are optimized in size and clarity.

Primecom Systems Integration

The various elements of the system are interconnected between them. This re-usability feature saves you a lot of time. You can create photo galleries, video galleries, products, generat content and call it from withing other pages. CMSlikethis can be integrated with our Web SMS API, allowing your visitors to send you an SMS directly to the mobile phone number that you specify. Allows for Google API integration, e.g. connect to Google Maps to display the position of your properties. Allows for YouTube integration or for integration with any other video streaming service.

Built-in Search Engine Optimization Tools

Unique meta information per language Search-engine friendly URLs Unicode URLs. This means that you can have your Greek version of the website to have Greek URLs, the Russian version of the website to have Russian URLs, etc. Automatic generation of XML Sitemap files to ensure that Search Engines find all of your pages.

Unilimited Customization

WB CMS can be with as little or as much functionality as your business needs. This is very important for ensuring future improvements to your website, thus protecting your investment.

Security Features

Access to the system is via a login screen Ability to connect the login with Web SMS, i.e. get the one-time use password on your mobile phone before you can login to the system. Ability to get instantly notified by SMS when someone logs in to your system.

Multi-language Support

WB CMS can work with as many languages as you need.