Customer Relationship Management System

A "to the point" CRM System for your client interaction

What is a CRM?

A Customer Relationship Management System, is a system that allows you to organize your Contacts, help with your Sales, generate more business and increase your Customer Loyalty.

What are the benefits to me?

Having a Customer Relationship Management System to empower your business brings with it a number of benefits:
  • Helps you to organize all your Contacts in one central place.
  • Helps your sales people to organize and follow up on potential customers.
  • Helps you to increase your customer loyalty by making your communication with your clients more personal.
  • Helps you generate more business.

WB CRM in Detail

  • CRMlikethis is Primecom’s Customer Relationship Management System.
  • Using CRMlikethis you can organize your contacts and strengthen your relationship with your clients.
  • CRMlikethis is very simple to use. You can easily have all your customers in one place, place in the Customer Groups that you create, and email them or SMS them directly from the CRM.
  • In addition, you can set reminders for their birthdays, name days and any other event you like.


Read below for more information about the Features of WB CRM.

User Management

  • Assign one or more users to manage your CRM.
  • Choose which module of the CRM each user can manage.
  • Choose the access level of each user, i.e. View only, Edit, Add New.

Simplicity of use

  • You can start using it without the need of any training.
  • For using its advanced features you only need a 30 minute training.
  • It is developed specifically for use by the everyday computer user.

Assign your Customers to Groups

  • Create any number of Groups you like (e.g. English Client, Greek Client, Associates, Employees, etc).
  • Assign each of your Contacts to one or more Groups.

Organize your Contacts

  • Keep all your Contacts in one place.
  • Use Smart Filtering to directly  find a Contact.
  • Keep any type of information you need about your Contacts.

Primecom Systems Integration

  • The various modules of the system are interconnected between them.
  • CRMlikethis can be integrated with our Web SMS API, allowing you to directly SMS your clients.
  • It is also integrated with eShoplikethis, our eShop Management System.

Keep Company Contacts in one place

  • If your business deals with Companies, you can have your Company Contacts organized in one place.
  • Assign one or more of your Contacts to a Company.
  • Send personalized emails to all the Contacts of a Company at once.
  • Send personalized SMS to all the Contacts of a Company at once.

Unilimited Customization

  • CRMlikethis can be used as is or, if need be, we can customize it to your exact needs.
  • This is very important for ensuring future improvements to your business, thus protecting your investment.

Have Control over your Prospects

  • If your business issues proposals before securing a project, you can separate your Prospects (i.e. Potential Clients) in one place.
  • Rate your Prospects so that you know who to give more attention.
  • Never forget about Potential Clients.
  • Re-engage lost Prospects at a later point in time.

Never forget the Birthday of your Clients

  • Set up recurring reminders for you to remember the Birthday or Name Day of your Clients.
  • Automatically set the system to send personalized emails or text messages to your Clients.

Record the Conversations with your Contacts

  • Easily record important interactions with your Contacts so that all your team is up-to-date.
  • Keep a history of your Conversations so that you can refer to them at a later point in time.

Get Business Intelligence Reports

  • Instantly get answers to important business information.
  • How many Hot Prospects do I have?
  • How many English Clients do I have?
  • How many new Clients did I get the last 3 months?
  • Who are my 10 best Clients?
  • We can customize the system so that you can get any type of Business Intelligence report you like so that you can make informed decisions about your company.

Remember your own Stuff

  • Set Email or SMS Reminders, one-off or recurring in order to remember the important things you have to do.
  • Set reminders for your employees or get your employees to set reminders for their tasks.