We Have

A full suite of online business tools for your company,
all running under a central Business Management System

Web Content Management System (WB CMS)

A Web CMS is a system that allows you to update the content of your website without the need for any programming. At the same time, the proper CMS reduces the formatting needed to be done on the text and images to the minimum.

Customer Relationship Management System (WB CRM)

What is a CRM? A Customer Relationship Management System, is a system that allows you to organize your Contacts, help with your Sales, generate more business and increase your Customer Loyalty.

eShop Management System (WB eShop)

An eShop is a website that allows you to present your products online, sell them and accept payments from the web. If most of your products are priced at an average value of €250 or below, then you may have a whole new business waiting for you online.

SMS Marketing Platform (SMSlikethis)

 SMS Marketing can be one of the most effective communication channels between your company and your client base. When used properly, it can bring real-time results to your business. You can use SMS Marketing to notify your clients of your promotions, special offers, events, opening or closing times or to send them a wish.

Email Marketing Platform (Emaillikethis)

Email Marketing is a low-cost and effective method to send personalized emails to your target audience in order to introduce a new product or service, or simply to make an announcement to them.

Cypruslikethis Advertising Platform

Ideal for companies which do not have a website. If you have a corporate website, a listing of your company on Cypruslikethis  will give you 2 to 10 times the traffic you receive on your corporate website.