Internet Marketing Department

Get the people, systems and services you need to get new clients through the web

Internet Marketing Department

A very large percentage of consumers today, all around the world, are using the Web to find information before they make a purchasing decision.

Around 7 out of 10 people start their search through the Google Search Engine. In Cyprus alone, we have almost 500,000 people that use the web every day.

And the numbers keep increasing. No matter what is happening around the world, be it a financial crisis, increase in unemployment, etc, these numbers keep getting bigger and bigger.

So, it is very important for every forward-thinking company to have a strong presence on the web.

A professional presence on the web starts with your own corporate website. But, is a website alone enough to give your business a strong internet presence? Is opening your website to the public good enough to get you new clients?

It seems not. Our experience has shown that having just a website gives you a utilization of 0.1% – 1% (based on the number of people visiting your website, the pages they view and the time they spend on it).

And there are a number of reasons for this:


Unless you advertise your website and until your website gets a good position on search engines like Google – for the products or services that you offer – your target market does not know you are there.

Unless you have the proper content, proper structure and site navigation, visitors on your page will abandon their effort to find what you offer.

Unless you have a beautiful site, the chances of getting an enquiry are reduced.


Unless you receive a good number of high-quality visitors (i.e. people who are actually interested on your products/services), the chances or receiving an enquiry or making an online sale are reduced dramatically.

So, what makes for a successful online presence? How can you make your website or eshop work for you and get you new clients?

In order to be successful on the web, you need to have the following in place (specifics can vary according to the type of business):

A “good-looking” website, i.e. someone needs to produce a good design for it.


A functional website, i.e. someone needs to develop the website using web technologies like PHP, MySQL, AJAX, Javascript, etc.

An easy way to manage it, i.e. you need to have a professional Web Content Management system in place.


High quality, relevant content that is kept up-to-date, i.e. someone needs to spend the time to add new products, announce special offers, publish company news, present your work, etc.

High positions in search engines like Google when people search search with keywords/phrases related to your products or services, i.e. you need someone to perform Search Engine Optimization on your website.

Online advertising, i.e. someone to create the adverts and manage your online advertising campaigns in a way to save you money and bring high quality visitors to your site.

Email Marketing, i.e. you need to have a professional Email Marketing Platform to protect your domain and IP address from getting blacklisted and someone to create and send your newsletters.

SMS Marketing, i.e. an SMS Marketing Platform to allow you to send personalized messages to your clients and someone to do it for you or help you do it.

Social Media Marketing, i.e. a Facebook, google plus and Linkedin page – among others – and someone to regularly make postings on those pages to engage your audience.

Web Consulting, performance and ROI analysis, i.e. someone who can advice you on how you can best utilize the web for your business, create your web strategy, analyze your website’s performance, identify where it under-performs and apply the necessary corrections to give you a higher ROI from your investment.

All the above require human resources with a diverse skill set: a Web Consultant, Web Developer, Search Engine Optimization Officer, Online Marketing Officer, Content Officer.

All these people would make up your company’s Internet Marketing Department. Of course it is not easy, nor affordable for all companies to have their own Internet Marketing Department.

Hiring us brings at your disposal all our collective know-how, expertise, systems, services and human power you need to succeed on the web!

In effect, we can become your most valuable employee. You don’t need to have the space, machinery or all these people working in your company for this. We work for you remotely from our offices and we update you with everything we do for you so that you can be on top of what is happening at all times.