Our Team

“You will find that all our people are highly trained on what they have to do and that they care for the work they do for you. I have made sure that I found the people that are among the best in their field in the market and have invested the time to train them for their job. Before starting a project with a client, all my employees meet the client. This brings responsibility to the actions that my people do for you. We like to take things personal!”

 Simos Symeou, Business Development Director

Simos has graduated from Higher Technical Institute in Nicosia and later on he continued his studies in the UK. He holds a BSc Computing in Business from Brunel University. He gained his business experience while working in the UK as an IT Consultant for Unisys Corporation and other companies. Simos has consulted companies in the UK, France and Italy.

He has over 15 years of business experience and he has be dealing with the web on a professional level since 2003.

Specializing in Web Consultation, Web Analysis and Search Engine Optimization, Simos will create the base needed for your company’s success on the web. He will work with you to create and manage  your company’s Online Strategy and Action Plan.

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  • Evi Symeou
    Accounting Director & Administrator
  • Kypros Vasiliou
    Project Manager
  • Marina Nikolaou
    Marketing Officer / Account Executive
  • Vanya Georgieva
    SEO / Campaigns Officer Account Executive

Design & Development Department

5 web developers, 2 web designers, 2 front-end developers / web designers

Server Management Department

24/7/365 dedicated server management team