Message from our Business Development Director

Message from our Business Development Director

I am excited to have this opportunity to share with you a few important things regarding your business and the web. As a business owner, marketing manager or a decision maker in your company, you are here because you believe that the web can help your company get more clients, reduce costs and increase profits. And you are right! The proper use of the web CAN help you achieve all three. The web is by far the largest marketplace on the planet. If we take Cyprus for example, according to the Cyprus Statistical Service, there are around 450,000 people that go on the web every day to look for information. That’s indeed the largest market in Cyprus.

Now, please take a moment to answer these questions:


If you don't have a corporate website:

  • Do you think a website can help your business?
  • What do you want to get from your corporate website? Just to say that you have one because one of your competitors also has one? To get more people to know about your business? Or to use it to get more clients?
  • Do you know what to show on your website? Where to show it? What to say?
  • How often are you planning to update your site?
  • Who will update your site? Who will write the content and how will they organize it and enter it on the website?
  • If I asked you now to take a moment to write 2 paragraphs about your company, what would you write?
  • Do you think that launching a website is enough to get you new customers, or are there any other activities needed in order to achieve this?
  • Do you want to be spending your time maintaining and promoting your website yourself, or do you believe you should concentrate on other important aspects of your business?

If you do have a corporate website:

  • How many sales resulted in the last year that initiated from your website?
  • How many visitors do you get per month?
  • Are these visitors people that are interested in what you have to offer? Or do they just pass by?
  • Is the content on your website up-to-date? When was the last time you updated your website?
  • If you don’t update your website often enough, why is that? Is it because of cost or lack of time?
  • Does the corporate website you have today reflect your business as it is today?
  • How can your potential clients find your website? Can they find you through Search Engines like Google or Yahoo when searching with the products/services that you offer?
  • Do you advertise your website anywhere? How much do you pay for this and what results do you get from this?

Your Internet Marketing Department

If you find yourself answering negatively or you don’t know how to answer the above questions, then I can tell you that, whether you have a website or not, you are not using the web to its full potential. And right now, whether you want to accept it or not, you are losing on new business.

That’s where my company, my people and our know-how come in. We can help you to utilize all this power and all that potential that is waiting online for you. We can help you create a professional web presence, not just a website. A website by itself is like having a digital billboard in the middle of the desert. No one can see you and all this money and time that you have spent are wasted-and stay wasted.

You can start to change all that by hiring us as your Internet Marketing Department. We will undertake everything that has to do with your business on the web in order to bring you more clients. We do this through a fixed monthy fee that we agree together. This fee is calculated according to your budgetary capabilities, your desired targets, the time we will spend working for you and the timeframes that things will get done. Whatever the case, the target is one and only one: to bring you more customers.

What are the benefits of this? You get all these systems and all these services and our collective know-how, without having to hire people in-house. This can save you a lot of money while at the same time you know that you are working with people that specialize on the web.

Before you go on browsing the rest of our site, I want you to remember this one, very important thing: It is not a website or the technology that make things happen. It’s the people behind them. I can assure you that should you decide to cooperate with us and hire us to become your Internet Marketing Department, my people and myself will make it a personal task to help you meet your online needs and targets!

If what you see here you find interesting, I would be very happy to meet up with you to tell me the issues you are facing and the goals you want to meet. I ask you that you put aside at least one hour from your busy schedule in order to discuss things in good detail.

You can reach me on the company number (25 377 336, Mon-Fri 9-1 and 3-5) or by sending me an email at

With respect to your business,
Simos Symeou
Business Development Director
Website Bakers (by Primecom Ltd)
Skype ID: simos_symeou
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