We are Website Bakers

Message from our MD

I am excited to have this opportunity to share with you a few important things regarding your business and the web. As a business owner, marketing manager or a decision maker in your company, you are here because you believe that the web can help your company get more clients, reduce costs and increase profits. And you are right! The proper use of the web CAN help you achieve all three. The web is by far the largest marketplace on the planet. If we take Cyprus for example, according to the Cyprus Statistical Service, there are around 450,000 people that go on the web every day to look for information. That’s indeed the largest market in Cyprus.

The Team

“You will find that all our people are highly trained on what they have to do and that they care for the work they do for you. I have made sure that I found the people that are among the best in their field in the market and have invested the time to train them for their job. Before starting a project with a client, all my employees meet the client. This brings responsibility to the actions that my people do for you. We like to take things personal!”

Our Clients

The companies that realized the power of the web. See what they have to say about us or better ask them yourself.

Why you should choose us

  1. We care about your success when you spend money with us
  2. We are a team of 12 people, highly specialized on the web
  3. We offer all the tools and services your company needs to get new clients through the web


We are always on the lookout for talented and tenacious people with a can-do attitude, caring personality, dependability and commitment to producing unparalleled results.